Geolocation Plugin
Multiplatform, fully integrated with WOOCOMMERCE, Addons for Dokan, Makery & Other Multimarket Plugin & Themes
Geolocation Plugin
Optimize or eliminate shipping charges to your potential customers.
Increase your sales with GEOLOCATION

How to use


Use of this plugin is very easy, please, follow this steps:

  • Make sure you have latest version for Wordpress and WooCommerce installed
  • Enter into your Customer Area -> Services -> WooGeolocation Plugin, and in the top left -> Overview -> Downloads and download the plugin for your desired featured:
    • WooGeolocation PRO (For PRO licensed Users)
  • Install the plugin as any other wordpress plugin, and activate it.
  • Now you have a new option into your WP admin Dashboard -> Settings -> WooGeolocation Setings
  • Setup your desired configuration and  please, include your license key in setting (you have your license key in your customer area, services, from

Now you are ready!!!

WooGeolocation use this Shortcodes, you can put them into any page you want:

  • [make_filter_html map="yes/no" product_listing="yes/no"] (Show Map with Products Near to Customer, we recomend use it into your WooCommerce Shop Page, but you can use any where)
  • NEW SHORT CODE: [get_seller_info_woogeolocation] (Show Vendors Map, use it for example in Store Listing Page)

Short code attributes:

  • make_filter_html - It calls upon our plugin function into the Wordpress page we need its functionality.  map - It activates the Google maps with the products locations plotted in it. E.g. [make_filter_html map=”yes”]
    Note: You can add the map by adding the map attribute code like this map=”yes”. If you don’t need the map to be displayed, you need not add the map attribute code.
  • Product_listing – It activates the product list available according to the user’s geolocation. E.g. [ make_filter_html map=”yes” product_listing =”yes”]
    Note: You can add the product list by adding the product list attribute code like this product_listing=”yes”. If you don’t need the Product to be displayed just map to display, you need not add the product list attribute code.

Widget: You can find new Widget in WooGeolocation PRO version for show products nearly customers in Widgetized areas.

Te front end setup confuguration of each product is very easy, depending on you have Dokan, Makery or WooCommerce Only you will see in each product setings few new fields for cumpliment, according of the ubication of the product. Simply, fill it, and save your product.

Please, contact us if you have any problems in use or configuration and we help you across intall and use our plugin.