Now you can add Multi currency support to your WooCommerce online shop very easily. The way it works it’s quite simple:

  • You set a default currency which is the one your products are priced
  • You add new currencies and set a rate based on your default currency
  • You choose which countries the new currencies are available to
  • You set which payment methods the currency will be available

On the example above we have 3 currencies: USD, Euro and Brazilian real.

When a user from France or Spain lands on the site they will automatically see Euro in the prices of every product. If a product in USD costs 10 dollars, the price based on our rate will be 8.40 euros. And because we are using a custom symbol the price will be shown like this: 8.40eur

If a user from Brazil visits our site, he will see the price in Real and the 10 dollars product will be shown as R$49.9

Every other user from any other country will see default price in USD. That’s because there are not other countries specified.

Let users change their currency

If the “Force currency” option it’s unchecked every user will see our floating country switcher and will let users change the currency to one of their choices.

If the force currency option it’s checked the user will see the currency or currencies specified to their country only.