Geotargeting Products

With the WooGeolocation plugin for WooCommerce choosing which products are available to which region, it’s a piece of cake!

On every product page, you will get a new meta box that will let you configure whether you want to show or hide the product based on the different geo settings of your choice.

The first and most important setting is “Visibility”. In there we will determine if the following settings are for showing or hiding the product.

So for example, if we choose “Show in” and in the Countries field we choose Argentina and Spain it means that the product will only show to those two countries and it will be hidden for every other location. If instead we choose the “Never shown in” option, the product will show to everyone except Argentina and Spain.

This applies not only to countries but also to States, Cities, Zip codes, Regions (groups of one or more of the previous locations entities), and maps areas.

Once we decided where to show or hide the product we need to decide the “Warning Text” or message that we are going to show to our customers. And if we want that message to show instead of page content, or just to replace a portion of the page like the “add to cart” section or we can even provide our own CSS classname that that will be replaced by the text.

Finally, we can also choose to remove the product from the listing pages like the shop page or search results.