Dokan Geolocation Module for Dokan Pro and Dokan Lite (Free Version of Dokan)

With WooGeolocation you don't need purchase Dokan PRO 2.9.0 or above new module, Geolocation to allow customers to search products and vendors by location.

WooGeolocation is a Geolocation module for Dokan that is specifically designed for Dokan Lite, the free version of Dokan.

You do not need to spend your money on acquiring Dokan Pro, because we created this idea and this plugin in 2016 and it was sold successfully at the WeDevs Market Place, until they saw that WooGeolocation was an excellent plugin and copied our idea literally (All features and functionalities), limiting it only to the paid version Dokan Pro in its Bussines version ($ 499). ┬┐Really?