WooGeolocation plugin settings page

The default location of the WooGeolocation settings page is wp-admin -> WooCommerce -> Settings -> WooGeolocation unless you are using Dokan which in that case you will find the settings inside the Dokan Settings page.

The settings page it’s divided into three tabs: General, which we will explain here, and Regions and Multicurrencies which have their own docs page.

The first two fields are for the API keys. The first API key is the one from the plugin which you can obtain on your account page and the second is the one for Google Maps.

Products Filter

Once you enable this feature you will see a new metabox in your products that will let you choose when then product it’s going to be shown or hide along with some other options.

Our plugin while uses the Google Map API if the user doesn’t provide the location it will fallback to Ip detection. In case you only want to use the HTML5 Geolocation you could check “force Geolocation” to show a popup to the users until they share the location.

Radius Search

Once you enable the radius search feature also a new metabox will appear on your products that will let you set a location to each of them. While this is not regularly used on WooCommerce and it’s more a Dokan feature it’s possible that you have different warehouses or shops and you want your customers to be able to list by proximity.

Once you set the location to the product they will get also a search form in the shop page that will let them list products based on a radius from their location among other filters such as product category.