How to enable Multi currencies on WooCommerce

To enable the multi-currencies feature you need to head to wp-admin -> WooCommerce -> Settings -> WooGeolocation and choose the Multicurrencies tab.

  • Once enabled you will have your default currency, which is the one that all rates are calculated from and then you can add as multiple currencies as needed.
  • When you set a country for the currency it means that users from that country or countries will automatically get that currency.
  • If the option “force currency” it’s unchecked the users will be able to change to other currencies using the currency switcher. If the option it’s checked the switcher won’t be shown and they will only be able to use the currency assigned to their country.
  • When a country is not listed it means it will use the default currency. In the example above its USD.
  • Along with the rate, a fee can be added which will be added to the total price.
  • If a custom symbol it’s provided it will be used instead of the default symbol. In the example above eur will be used instead of €
  • You can also specify to which payment gateways the currency will apply. Leave blank to make it available to all.