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How to geotarget Products

Once you enable the Products filterings on the settings page a new metabox like the one below will appear in your WooCommerce products:

Custom Regions

To avoid the waste of time and to avoid repetition we created something called “Custom regions”. That way if you need to geotarget several locations such as a group of countries, cities, etc instead of typing all of them every time you could create a custom region. A custom region is just that, a bunch …

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WooGeolocation plugin settings page

The default location of the WooGeolocation settings page is wp-admin -> WooCommerce -> Settings -> WooGeolocation unless you are using Dokan which in that case you will find the settings inside the Dokan Settings page. The settings page it’s divided into three tabs: General, which we will explain here, and Regions and Multicurrencies which have …

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How to obtain Google Maps API key

The first thing you need is to head to to create your first project. In case you already have a project in place, head to the credentials section. Create a project In choose create a new project, set a name and hot continue. Create a credential Once you have your project in place is …

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How to Install the WooGeolocation Plugin

How to Install WooGeolocation on WordPress 1. Download the WooGeolocation Plugin To get started, you need to download the WooGeolocation plugin from the Downloads area in your WooGeolocation account. To open your Downloads area, you can either click this link or go to My Account -> Downloads on the WooGeolocation website. Then, click the button to Download WooGeolocation: This should start …

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