Plugin for WooCommerce

The geolocation swiss army plugin for your WooCommerce site

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Currency converter

WooCommerce currency and price by country

With WooGeolocation currency converter module you can detect user’s country and set currency automatically.

  • Set currency price for as manu countries as you need
  • Let users change the currency easily with our currency selector or force currency to a Country
  • Support to all payment methods

Geotargeting products

Decide which products are available on which location

Choose whether to show or hide WooCommerce products based on location. You can remove the whole page, disable add to cart button and price section or any custom portion of your product page very easily.

Show products closest to current user location like marketplaces.

Marketplace Geolocation

Dokan marketplace support

Filter all products or stores based on the closest geo location of the user. Give store owners the ability to create geo areas and choose which products are available in which area.

Geotarget to any location

We support Countries, States, Cities, Zip Codes, and custom map areas.

Cache compatible

Our plugin it’s compatible with any cache solution.

Product location

Set a location for your products and let users find them on a map.

Product filtering by location

Choose a location where your product it’s available or a location where is prohibited.

Custom Regions

Group multiple locations such as countries, states, or cities into custom regions to save time.

Developer Friendly

Plenty of hooks and filters to make devs life much easier.