Geolocation Plugin
Multiplatform, fully integrated with WOOCOMMERCE, Addons for Dokan, Makery & Other Multimarket Plugin & Themes
Geolocation Plugin
Optimize or eliminate shipping charges to your potential customers.
Increase your sales with GEOLOCATION

Geolocates Products

Geolocalice Vendors & Products for offer the best way for your customers

Geolocates Customers

Turn all your visitors in potential customers by Geolocalization, leave them search in radius better products.

 WooCommerce Integrated

WooGeolocation Plugin is 100% working whith WooCommerce, expand your possibilities whith our amazing addons.

Professional SEO services

The Geolocation is the Future!

Offering products to potential customers using GEOLOCATION increased your sales ratio more than 200%. WooGeolocation Plugin is a based WooCommerce plugin for using directly in your current shop or Multimarket. Also, we include amazing addons for activate this funcionality into other wonder plugins & themes like Dokan Multimarket Plugin or Makery Theme.

WooGeolocation Plugin for WooCommerce

WooGeolocation is an impressive multifunctional plugin for WooCommerece, which opens the possibilities of your Multimarket for the publication of products of all kinds of vendors, not just shopping.

A  Multiplatform Geolocation Plugin

We made WooGeolocation Plugin compatible with the best Themes & Plugin for Multimarket in the World

Maximize your sales on a local scale. Reduce or remove shipping taxes.

Google Geocoding Api Optimization is an important part of any successful local marketing strategy.

Optimize your target with GEOLOCATION, 100% efective sales